Indoor navigation

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A game changer in retail

Equipping customers with apps that help them navigate your store is a sure-fire way to boosting their experience.


Deliver personalized coupons and promotions to customers while they are shopping at your store.


Let customers create shopping lists on your app and notify them whenever products are finished when they are shopping.

Intuitive interface

Take advantage of our app’s nice-looking and functional interface to deliver a great experience to shoppers.

Big Data Analytics for Optimal Management

Our solutions is equipped with powerful data analytics features that deliver actionable customer insights and help businesses understand consumer behavior in stores better for further optimization.

Your opportunity to grow



more coupons used by customers in navigation apps



sales increase from special promotions displayed to customers while they are shopping in stores



in consumer loyalty and engagement thanks to personalized remnant product notifications

Become cost-effective

Indoor navigation reduces the time your employees spend guiding shoppers.